Google Tool Tutorials

Born out of at-home learning during the pandemic, this may quite possibly be the one of the most complete classroom Google tool guides you will find. You can click on any of the tabs to see the lineup of tutorials they have prepared and shared with you.

Thanks to Jinny Singo and Katie Garcia for so freely sharing this resource.


Multiple Copies of a Google Doc, Sheet, Slides

Ever have a time where you needed to make quite a few copies of a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slides file? Right clicking and “Make a copy” is nice, but not when you need a lot of copies of a file. Follow the video below to learn the steps in making multiple copies using a provided script. Don’t let the nerdy-ness of it scare you off. It really is a copy and paste process.

Making Appointments Slots in Google Calendar

Trying to schedule times to work with students either on the phone, face to face, or in Zoom, it can be tough making things fit everyone’s schedule. Google has always offered the option to use appointment scheduling in your Calendar, but the look has changed somewhat since I introduced it in 2015. Below is an updated video from Richard Byrne showing the steps. Worth the few minutes to watch to help with this year’s planning.

FYI from Google if you create your own Google Templates

Google logo
Hello Administrators,

Your organization has custom templates in the Google Drive Template Gallery. We’ve phased out this gallery. To help make your templates easier to organize, you can now create custom templates individually in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. The old Template Gallery will be removed on or after February 15, 2017.

What you need to do

Before February 15:

You and your users should review the templates stored individually in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. For details, see Use your work or school template gallery.
If any templates that you need are missing, submit the templates. Any administrator can update template categories in the Google Admin console. Organizations with G Suite Business (formerly Google Apps Unlimited) can control who can submit and approve templates.
If I do nothing, what will happen?

Any users who try to access the old Template Gallery in Drive will be redirected to Docs and only see the templates that have been submitted.

If users bookmarked specific templates, will those stop working?

Bookmarked templates will continue to work, but we strongly encourage you to submit the templates so others can use them.

Can I control who submits templates for my organization?

Organizations with G Suite Business (formerly Google Apps Unlimited) can control who can submit and approve templates.

If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact Google Support.


The G Suite Team

Google Drive as a Backup Option


Saving/Backing up  to Google Drive

This is the quick way to do a one time backup of your files to Google Drive. It is not going to back up your programs. This will just store a copy of your files that you want to have a copy of saved elsewhere. (NOTE: If you prefer to constantly have your files backed up to Google Drive automatically, install Google Drive on your computer and start saving all of your content into the folder it adds to your computer. This will give you a copy on your computer and an exact duplicate on Drive.)

Easiest Method:

Go to

If you are not logged in already, log into your school account.

Click on New

Click on Folder Upload

Select the folder you want uploaded (Documents, Pictures, Music)

You can only upload one folder at a time. Whatever is in that folder will upload.

Click Upload (progress meter is in bottom right corner)

Repeat for additional files/folders.


If you want to upload everything at once:

Create a new folder on your desktop with an easy to remember name like the current date (Control click on the desktop and select New Folder)

Put all of the folders and files you want to save into that folder (Documents, Photos, Music, etc)

Go to

If you are not logged in already, log into your school account.

Click on New

Click on Folder Upload

Select the folder you want uploaded

Click Upload (progress meter is in bottom right corner)


Converting Typed & Handwritten Notes into a Google Doc

You have those times where you have lots of notes that were typed or handwritten and handed off to you. You wished they were in an electronic format so you can personalize them or edit them for other use. Google now has a way to help you out with that. Obviously, the handwriting portion depends on the quality of handwriting, but it will handle the typed text very well. Just use your phone, iPad, or computer to grab a photo and follow the directions below.


Thanks to the good folks over at the Google Gooru for this great tutorial video.

Revision History in Google

RevisionDoing collaborative work in Google is simple and very efficient. Say you are working with colleagues building PBL units or common planning documents and someone remembers they deleted a big section two days ago that they really wish was still there. Or, you are just monitoring Documents/Slides/Sheets being built collaboratively between students and one student says they have been adding content but somehow it is magically disappearing. Besides, it is great to know who is doing what work. What do you do? You use Revision History to see the living history of that item. This great video below will walk you through how it works and advanced options.