Digital Storytelling in Math

Rafranz Davis is an amazing math teacher. Her passion for all kids to be successful in math is contagious, as is her passion for all math teachers to engage their students. She spends her spare time sharing great tools for use in math that will draw the kids into the lessons. Check out her video below on different tools for different devices to integrate digital storytelling into the math class. It is from this blog post. Obviously, it works in all classes, but she discusses math.

Be sure to check out her blog or follow her on Twitter, too.

Paper Slide Video + Youtube Capture App

The following is a cross posting from Shelly Hugghins’s iPod blog.

I asked my Spanish I students to review content topics by creating some paper slide videos to demonstrate their ownership of content at the end of semester one.  First, and most importantly, I explained the concept of a paper slide video, then asked them their opinions on the relevance of the activity.  After careful thought, my students felt this would be a great review method. 

We identified certain topics for review, and the students promptly began to work on their slides.  We decided to use the Youtube Capture app on our iPads to film the videos.  This choice turned out to be super easy and convenient for a few reasons:

  • Students already have Gmail accounts with Youtube channels
  • Students already have eportfolios established via our student blogs
  • Youtube Capture makes pulling clips together to create a video extremely user friendly
  • Students shoot the video inside the app, finish the editing process, send the video to upload and publish to their channel seamlessly

Of course, if you are shooting paper slide videos, there is really no need to worry about clips.  But, my Spanish II students also used this app to shoot their Christmas cookie videos, which did require them to shoot in sections or clips.

In both cases, my students rated the app very highly for these reasons:

  • Ease of use
  • Students were already familiar with Youtube
  • No need to create a new account for yet another app
  • Students could edit more easily than in iMovie if they needed to edit their cookie video
  • Processing time for the videos was very short
  • Youtube Capture + Paper slide video was a great way to review and share what they had learned

Here is an example video created by one of my Spanish I students for review of expressing a few of her likes and dislikes in Spanish:

The student feedback was so positive that I will continue to offer students the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in this way going forward.  However, I won’t wait until the end of the semester for review.  I am going to add this as an assignment or testing choice as we move through our content.  Do you have students create paper slide videos?  If so, what apps or tools do you use to process and share your videos?  Have you or your students used the Youtube Capture app?  I would love to hear about your experiences.

Explain Everything: an app on the iPad

Some of you may have been considering a way to do some easy recordings that your students can follow from home. Well, Explain Everything might be what you are looking for. Take a look at the tutorial video below. The narrator walks you through the entire process showing you all of the tool options. What is nice about this app is that when you are through with your video, you can export it straight to YouTube and then embed that YouTube video directly into your blog. The kids can do the same with the Google accounts, so that means you can have them teach the concept back to you while recording it on the iPad and showcasing their learning on the eportfolios.

As always, let me know if you have any questions that I can help you with. I’m always happy to come work with you and the students in implementing a tool like this.


Using Categories in Your Blog to Organize TEKS Covered

You add your lesson plans to your blog for parents, students, admins, and everyone else to see. Did you know that you can use those same posts to disaggregate your testing data at any time? It’s pretty simple and will only cost you about 10 minutes of work on the front end to save you hours or days of work on the backend. And you won’t have to redo the front end work until the TEKS change for your course(s).

Take a peek at the video below and shoot me any questions you might have.