6 thoughts on “Google Classroom Cheat Sheet

  1. I can see how they would easily integrate with each other. One thing I do not like about Sites is that Google limits you so much on what you can embed. If you’re only using Google tools, then it should work great for you.

  2. i have a dilemma..
    so we have a system where we have the students filling out a “time card” which i just put on the assignments board and is sent through google docs and all they have to do is click it and type what they have to type and press the turn in button, so ive been sending them pdf files where they have to go through a long process in which they are downloading and re downloading files, my question to you is how can i send them a pdf file that they can just click and then type in and turn in just like they do with a google doc file, we are using google classroom to get these assignments to the students.

  3. How do I send students a pdf and they be able to type on the highlighted fields and send that form back to me?

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