3 Rules to Spark Learning

If you’ve never watched TED Talk videos, you’re really missing out. They are short, to the point videos about certain topics. In this case, it’s speaking to a crowd of educators dealing with the subjects of engagement, empowerment, and buy-in. Ramsey Musallam, a high school chemistry teacher, encountered a life threatening health experience that had him rethink everything he did in teaching the same students that quite possibly could end up being the people charged with saving his life one day.

Ramsey’s three rules to bring to your lesson planning that may spark learning in your students:

1. Curiosity comes first. “Questions can be windows to great instruction but not the other way around.”

2. Embrace the mess. “Trial and error is still a part of what we do every single day” as both learners and lead learners.

3. Practice reflection. “What we do is important. It also deserves our revision.”

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