Geddit! Got it?

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 4.45.24 PMFormative assessment plays perhaps the most important role in monitoring our students’ progress. Summative assessmentonly tells us what they didn’t get. That’s too late. Formative tells us what they DON’T get. That’s just in time.  It’s always nice to know what our students are thinking when we’re working through a lesson, but it’s not easily done. Until now, that is.

LetsGeddit was created by teachers for the sole purpose of diagnosing understanding issues on the spot during instruction. The great thing about the product is that it works with any web enabled device (smartphone, iPod, iPad, Chromebook, laptop, etc). And it’s pretty simple to utilize, too. If you are using Chromebooks, it is already loaded as an app once the student logs in with their school email account. Any other device just needs the student to go to and start from there.

Basically, you use it as a quick quiz tool, a climate tool, or even an exit ticket. The built in private hand raising and note sharing tools allows even your quietest students a chance to have a voice with you during the instruction without fear of ridicule or embarrassment. They can rate their level of understanding through an easy to use bar system or they can even add a note asking for more help with the concept. This is a great way to differentiate your instruction on the fly.

The kids can join the class with a Class Code you give them, and they create their accounts using their Google Apps information. Very easy to do, and only takes a minute at most. Watch the videos below to become familiar with the tool and decide if it’s for you. Let me know if you want help setting it up for your classroom. I’m confident when you see the value of the data it shares through the formative assessments, you will want to start using it that first week of school. Be sure to Follow GedditHQ on Twitter. They’re always happy to answer your questions about what their tool can do for your students.

Great Intro

Excellent How-To Get Started

Geddit – Teacher’s first experience (Shows a little about the reposts/data are viewed)

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  1. Such a simple way to access student understanding. I love they can virtually raise their hand for help without any class disruption. I will certainly be using this in my technology classes in the lab. Thanks so much!

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