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NOTE: The post below was from an email that Jacovia Cartwright sent out. It’s a great tool that I thought was worth sharing here. Thanks for letting me repost this, Jacovia.

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In our lessons we sometimes use YouTube as a resource. YouTube is great, but the most annoying thing about YouTube is that it comes with ads on most videos. The ad’s are at times not that bad, especially since you can skip some of them within 5 seconds. Then there are the ads that require you to watch the whole 2 minute clip and at times can be inappropriate for the students to see. This might be an issue you are facing daily and I thought I would offer a little assistance with working around the ads.

My favorite process is using “SafeShare”

The website is “


1. Open safeshare in one tab and in a different tab find the video that you want to show on youtube.
2. Once you are playing the Youtube video you want, copy the URL either from clicking the share button under the youtube video, or copying from the URL bar at the top.
3. Once it’s copied go to the safeshare tab and paste the URL in the blank space that reads “Paste a YouTube Link”.
4.Then click the green Generate button. You will then see a link that says “take me to the safe view”. Click that link and you’re all set with an ad free video.

If you see a low quality video make sure that you have clicked the gear icon on the bottom right so the video shows in the highest quality possible. I have included a screenshot of the page below as a reference to make sure you are on the correct website. You won’t be able to click the image on this email to see the video I used. Here is a link to the safeshare video that I used for this process.

There are other options out there like chrome browser plugins and a service called ViewPure. I have found that the safeshare process has been the most consistent for me and I have not had any issues like the others that I’ve tried. I hope this helps you out in some way with your lessons.

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