Using Categories in Your Blog to Organize TEKS Covered

You add your lesson plans to your blog for parents, students, admins, and everyone else to see. Did you know that you can use those same posts to disaggregate your testing data at any time? It’s pretty simple and will only cost you about 10 minutes of work on the front end to save you hours or days of work on the backend. And you won’t have to redo the front end work until the TEKS change for your course(s).

Take a peek at the video below and shoot me any questions you might have.

2 thoughts on “Using Categories in Your Blog to Organize TEKS Covered

  1. Scott: I know I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box, but I don’t understand how a youtube video is going to help me disaggregate TEKS data.

  2. The video shows you how to add your TEKS to your blog as Categories. Then, when you post a lesson plan, you add that post to the Categories that match up to the TEKS being covered in that lesson plan. At any point during the year, you can click on each Category (TEK) to see what you did to cover that specific standard. This is very efficient after benchmarks, universal screenings, EOC, etc. In essence, it allows you to disaggregate a portion of the data you receive from your assessments by seeing what you did (or didn’t do) when you covered each TEK that was assessed. If you were to try doing this through the old paper method of lesson plans or even doing it with your blog posts that you have not assigned to your TEKS, it would take hours. Using the method outlined in the video allows you to do that in minutes. Let me know if you want me to stop by and show you in person how it works.

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