Mirroring your iPad to your MacBook

During our iPad training, you were able to see me demoing the mirroring of the iPad to my MacBook. Many of you asked how you could do the same thing. I have been installing the program on your machines to do this, but I thought this little step by step tutorial might come in handy for you as a reference piece. You can download it here, but I am posting it below in case you really just need a quick refresher.

If you did not email me about adding this to your classroom, please do. We will get you up and running ASAP.

Mirroring the iPad to the Computer Utilizing Reflection

1. Make sure both the computer AND the iPad are on the same wireless network. NOTE: The network CANNOT be “wowireless”. Must be a smaller network.


2. Make sure Reflection is running on your computer.

3. Double click the Home button on the iPad.

4. The taskbar will reveal itself.

5. Swipe the taskbar from left to right to reveal the media controls.

6. Tap the little square box with the upwards pointing arrow.

7.  Select your computer.

8. Slide the Mirror switch to On.

9. Your screen will now look something like this:


  • To turn off the connection, slide the switch back to Off or close the Reflection program on the computer.
  • To make the iPad larger on the screen, go to Device in the Reflection menu and then select Enter Full Screen. Hit ESC on your computer keyboard to exit the full screen mode.

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