Cart Management Tips

Consider these great tips for managing the cart while in your possession:

  • Mobile device carts should be locked and stored in a secure location while not in use.
  • Keep the cart plugged in while in the classroom to make sure the devices are charging while not in use.
  • Assign the same mobile device to the same student each time. As each mobile device has an identifying number, this provides for a degree of accountability.
  • Check the mobile devices! Do a quick, visual inspection of each mobile device as they are returned to the cart. Report any damage immediately.
  • Lock the Cart. When the mobile devices are not in use (and no teacher around), they should be secured in a LOCKED cart.
  • Plug the mobile devices in. Charging bays in the cart are numbered to correspond to the mobile device. Mobile devices need to be returned fully charged for future use.
  • One student, one mobile device. Students should not be allowed to work on another student’s mobile device unless it is a collaborative assignment.
  • Close programs, log off, and shut down. Student should complete these tasks before returning netbooks to the cart. The netbooks have deep freeze and will reset with each power down.
  • Close open Apps and put iPad into sleep mode before returning iPad to the cart. In other words, click the power button on the top of the iPad once. Shutting them down completely is not needed and only lengthens the time it takes to get class started.

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